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Pamela Funk has always been drawn to the practise of massage, and after attending Makami College became a registered massage therapist in 2014. As an RMT Funk gained experience, working with different massage clinics around Edmonton. But in 2017 was inspired to start her own massage business, Elevation Massage Therapy. By 2018, Elevation Massage Therapy had become her full time business.

Funk migrated from Paraguay, having received her Canadian citizenship through her parents and despite not being fluent in english, Funk learnt the language quickly through her work.

“I want to take care of people’s wellbeing and make sure they feel their best and valued,” says Funk. “I didn’t feel valued at the clinics I worked at, so that is why I chose to open my business.”

Working from home wasn’t easy, but Funk advertised deals on Kijiji and Facebook to boost her business.

“I started with a lower price and offered direct billing to insure companies,” she says. She adds the main reason for this was so that her clients could get to know her and how she works. Through this method, Funk now has a loyal, growing clientele. 

But Funk says she had overlooked a few aspects that are involved when starting a business.          

“First of all, I incorporated right away and without understanding the difference between sole proprietor and incorporation,” she says, adding, “I got overwhelmed with all the research I did on my own on how to run a business  — I had no idea what I was doing.”

In 2018, Funk attended the Small Business Development training program, offered by Action for Healthy Communities (AHC). Through the program, Funk learnt how to correct the mistakes she had made and grow her business.

“I’m kind of a perfectionist, so I was really hard on myself and gave up too easily.”

While attending the business courses offered at Action for Healthy Communities (AHC), Funk was coached by Kevin McDonald. She says that her mentor helped Funk with networking, budget management and marketing strategies. 

Since starting up, Funk’s business has steadily increased. Currently, Funk is working at Lakewood Physiotherapy clinic located in the southside, and continues to take clients for her mobile business as well.

By Ishita Verma

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