Due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic we have cancelled all group acitvities and will continue to support clients via email/phone.

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Community Initiatives start when a group of three or more community members come to AHC with a project idea to make greater Edmonton stronger and healthier. This idea could be a festival, a sporting event, a community garden – anything that addresses a specific community need. After their project has been approved, we assist them through seed grants of up to $1000, leadership training, and the mentorship needed to ensure their project is a success. Community initiatives provide avenues for individuals and groups to access resources, develop new skills, and connect with other groups in greater Edmonton.

Level 1: AHC trains community members to identify and address issues that prevent them from getting engaged in community activities. Participants use their new knowledge to create Community Initiatives.

Level 2: AHC trains volunteers to become community animators or community development promoters who coach and motivate others to engage in community building opportunities.

These activities help create connections within communities, fostering a sense of belonging. From here, individuals are able to work together to innovate, create change, and to improve community health and well-being.Major year-round events include:

Multicultural gatherings: these events promote community engagement and participation by showcasing the variety of ethno-cultural groups in Edmonton. Past events featured Aboriginal Pride, African Culture, South East Asian Festivals, Latin American Harvest, Disability Pride, and Winter Holiday.

Community Dialogues: participants meet in groups to discuss individual and community issues in order to share ideas. At the heart of each Community Dialogue is the belief that everyone has assets that can be used to collectively address issues.

Youth Festivals: participants showcase their sense of community through artwork, dance, fashion, photos, spoken word performances, and film documentaries. Community Action Dash: annual 10km/5km run/walk fundraiser organized by volunteers to raise awareness of the walk-ability of downtown Edmonton. Funds raised support AHC’s Community Initiatives. http://communityactiondash.webs.com/

Creative Expressions: AHC’s annual fundraising gala organized by volunteers. Creative Expressions affords members of the communities AHC engages to create connections with other Edmontonians as well as showcase their rich cultural heritage through dance, music, and displays.

Volunteer Appreciation Day: an event to commemorate all of the AHC volunteers who assist in running its events and programs. Business graduation ceremony: an important event which recognizes the graduates of AHC’s entrepreneurial training program.

Year-end celebration (December): a get together to show appreciation to all of AHC’s volunteers, staff, participants, donors, sponsors their friends, and families.

The course is offered multiple times a year but spots are limited.

Training Dates: January-April 2018 and February-June 2018

Training Locations:

C5 HUB – 14023 Victoria Trail Northwest, T5Y 2B6

SCWCA – 13415C Fort Road NW, T5A 1C6