Are you an entrepreneur with a great business idea? Are you looking to improve your business skills? Are you looking for help in launching, maintaining or growing your business? If so, we can help!

AHC is proud to offer a wide range of entrepreneurship supports to Albertans and newcomers, including entrepreneurs and self-employed persons. These supports are offered at no cost to program participants.

This program is offered in Greater Edmonton.


Do you have a cultural-related business you would like to showcase?

Since 2015, we have supported more than 400 business-minded people. Our Entrepreneurship Supports Program includes the following supports:

  • Business Development Training (a 14-week feature component of our program)
  • Guest speakers
  • Business mentorship
  • Business coaching/counselling
  • Business consulting/advisory
  • Business networking
  • Pop-up markets
  • Pathfinding to other business resources or funding/investors

With these supports, AHC helps to provide entrepreneurs with skills and tools to feed their passion for business, maximize their talents and realize their business-related goals. Together, we are working to create the next generation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Other benefits to participants include:

  • increased knowledge of Canadian legislation, business operations, issues and trends
  • access to local business experts, with experience in local, provincial and national business sectors
  • learning about customers, competitors, industry networks and resources
  • developing social capital through business-to-business (B2B) connections and networking

 For more information, contact Abdoulaye Barry.

Email: |Direct: 587.337.8441 or 780.944.4687, Ext. 227

The 14 weeks of Business Development Training is the feature component of our Entrepreneurship Supports Program.

This training component is comprehensive and reflects an inclusive and holistic business development approach. Our training model is what sets us apart from other offerings; it is a practical learning framework that is innovative and experiential. Importantly, it’s also based on adult learning principles.

The training focuses primarily on:

  • business planning (including details on Canadian legal business structures)
  • business launch
  • business growth and expansion

During the 14-weeks, participants complete a market research report, a feasibility plan, a marketing plan, and a business plan.

Participants will earn a Certification in Business Development.

Business Development Training locations:

  • Downtown Edmonton (AHC office)
  • Northeast Edmonton (Clareview Village)
  • Southwest Edmonton (Steinhauer and Ermineskin)

Before You Apply

We highly recommend that potential participants attend an information session before applying to the Entrepreneurship Supports Program. We encourage people to be informed and make an educated decision before applying.

After applying, there will be an initial assessment, where you meet with one of our Entrepreneurship team members.

Generally, we recommend that you participate in the 14-week Business Development Training component, to obtain maximum benefits from the program and the full range of supports.

  • Note that applicants with no business experience must enter the 14-weeks of Business Development Training.

Our Entrepreneurship Supports Program is very accessible and business-friendly. We assist and guide serious applicants with a drive to succeed in today’s challenging business climate.

The program is open to male and female newcomers and Albertans. To help facilitate the participation of parents in business, child support services are offered to registrants.

Program requirements include:

  • You must have a business idea or a small business that you want to grow or improve.
  • You are “ready, willing and able” to make use of our business supports to help develop your business.
  • Payment of a $50 registration fee.
  • CLB Level 5 English skills, or higher.
  • You must be at least 18 years-old.

Intake and Program Schedule

There are two sessions per year, one in spring and one in autumn. There are two to four group classes per session.


Spring Session Intake Period 1 Intake Period 2
October to December January to February
Fall Session Intake Period 1 Intake Period 2
March to April June to July


For more information about the program, contact Lida Arguello.

Email: | Direct: 587-338-0557 or 780.944.4687, Ext. 238

To apply to the program, complete and submit the registration form and one of our team members will contact you as soon as possible. You will need to provide two pieces of government-issued identification, i.e., Permanent Resident Card or Passport, and Driver’s Licence.

Whether you are a participant in the 14-weeks of Business Development Training or not, you can access some or all of the other business supports offered by our program, as facilitated by our Entrepreneurship team members.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers for our Entrepreneurship Supports Program are well-experienced business owners. Their commentaries and guidance help to support entrepreneurs by giving them more knowledge about specific industries, factors and trends that are relevant to business owners in Alberta and Canada.

Each speaker is ready to share insights about their own journeys and challenges in the business world, and some of the tips and secrets behind their successes. Topics addressed cover many areas, including management issues, legal matters and various aspects of business operations.

Business Mentoring

We match entrepreneurs with established Canadian business owners and experienced business-related professionals. All participants in the Entrepreneurship Support Program are eligible; mentoring sessions occur once a week, for up to 12 sessions.

Business Coaching/Counselling

We match entrepreneurs with local business experts, for individual meetings and advice.

Business Consulting/Advisory

We connect entrepreneurs with local consultants or advisors, such as sales experts, lawyers, accountants, and other industry experts.

Business Networking

We facilitate business-to-business (B2B) networking through our own AHC Business Clubs, Edmonton BizNet, local trade shows, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce events, and business-related or public events in Greater Edmonton.

Pop-Up Markets

We promote entrepreneurs via local pop-up markets. We assist them in exhibiting and selling their products. Pop-ups are somewhat like a mini-farmers’ market, where local residents come to know our start-ups and buy their products and services.

Pathfinding to Other Business Resources

Our team also connects entrepreneurs with:

  • financial institutions (i.e., funding/investors)
  • a wide range of local, provincial and national business resources
  • online tools, publications and resources

Our Entrepreneurship Supports Program will soon be able to offer supports to French-speaking entrepreneurs. To learn more, contact Abdoulay Barry, Entrepreneurship Supports Program Lead.

Email: |Direct: 587.337.8441 or 780.944.4687, Ext. 227

Our team is ready to meet with you and help feed your passion for business.

Instructors and business advisors are enthusiastic, approachable and willing to answer all questions. Our supportive team includes:

  • AHC Entrepreneurship Supports staff members
  • experienced business people from the community who act as instructors, counsellors and mentors

Team contacts:

Abdoulaye Barry, Entrepreneurship Supports Program Lead

Email: |Direct: 587.337.8441 or 780.944.4687, Ext. 227


Lida Arguello, Entrepreneurship Supports Program Facilitator

Email: | Direct: 587.338.0557 or 780.944.4687, Ext. 238