About Us

At AHC, we always have time and energy to focus on youth!

We work hard every day to promote youth empowerment and inclusion, and to unleash the potential of every youth.

Our Healthy Children and Youth Program is strategically built to support and empower underserved youth communities in Greater Edmonton through;

  • Support and empower the newcomer youth community in Greater Edmonton
  • Connect newcomer youths with each other, and the wider community
  • Promote youth learning and skills development
  • Promote personal development and boost interpersonal skills
  • Provide support for success in the labour market

We offer a wide range of activities, camps, clubs and community projects. 

  • School-based activities – Group information sessions 
  • School-based activities – After-school program 
  • School break camps (Spring Break and Summer Camps)
  • Youth Ready to Work – Employment support, Academic upgrade, How to apply post-secondary education, Career exploration 
  • Youth Entrepreneurship 
  • Youth Talk
  • AHC Youth Soccer 
  • Academic support 
  • Youth Leadership 
  • Other Youth Events 

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School Activities

We provide group workshops to English Language learners (ELL) students throughout the school year, in partnership with Edmonton Public Schools and Edmonton Catholic Schools.

About the workshops and activities:

  • available at partner schools in Edmonton and surrounding areas
  • The activities address important skills and topics to help youth transition into life in Edmonton and Canada
  • Sample topics include: Understanding Different Cultures, Canadian Values, Non-verbal Communication Cues, Holidays, Self-identity, Conflict Resolution, Multiculturalism, Different Professions, Stress Management, and Social Norms.

For schools looking to partner with this exciting and supportive youth program, please contact Sherry Park, Senior Program Manager Healthy Children & Youth.

 Email: sherry.park@a4hc.ca | Tel: 780.944.4687, Ext. 227

Youth Talk

Youth Talk is an important part of AHC’s efforts to promote youth community engagement.

Youth Talk is a unique conversation circle for newcomer youth aged 15 to 25 focusing on developing public speaking skills and professional communication skills while discussing engaging social and cultural topics.

Our session leaders use encouragement, thought-provoking questions and language games to help create a relaxed and supportive learning environment.


The format for each session includes:

  • topic introduction
  • vocabulary review
  • small group discussion and group work


Location and Time:

  • Clareview Public Library: Every Monday, 5-6.30 pm.
  • Online: Every Wednesday 5-6.30 pm
  • Castle Downs Public Library: every Thursday, 5-7 pm
  • Londonderry Public Library: Every Friday 3.30-5 pm


To register you can:

Fiill our our registration form


Contact Basem Alrahim | basem.alrahim@a4hc.ca or call (587) 985-2067


Youth Soccer

Since 2015, AHC has supported a youth soccer club for newcomer Children and youth.The soccer club has 3 groups: 8-11 years old, 12-15 years old, 16-24 years old

About the club:

  • youth with any level of soccer skill experience are welcome, including beginners or experienced players
  • the team’s coach and current team members will help newer players to improve skills and teamwork
  • the team plays games against other community youth teams; this encourages peer interactions, friendships and networking
  • benefits for participants include regular physical activity, a sense of belonging and community connections

Practice locations and times:

  • In winter, games and practices are at the Commonwealth Recreation Centre.
  • In summer, games are played at various outdoor fields in Greater Edmonton.

Online Registration link : https://form.jotform.com/222546702201242 

For registration details, please contact: Basem Alrahim | basem.alrahim@a4hc.ca | Tel: (587) 985-2067

Spring and Summer Break Camps

We offer registered camps during the spring break (March) and summer season (July and August).

For registration details, please contact: Basem Alrahim

basem.alrahim@a4hc.ca | (587) 985-2067

or register at the link below:


Youth Entrepreneurship

Our youth entrepreneurship training program provides practical guidance to youth about developing business ideas and planning for a business launch in the future.

This training offers inspiration and real-world information to help business-minded youth consider diverse options for their future. Participants will also develop new skills, boost their financial literacy, and improve their decision-making abilities for business matters.

We offer two cohorts in a year.

– 1st cohort: September to November (Registration by August 30th)

– 2nd cohort: February to April (Registration by January 15th)

Participants will get a certificate at the end of the program.

For registration details, please contact: Basem Alrahim | basem.alrahim@a4hc.ca | Tel: (587) 985-2067

After School Program

During the school year, our After School Program offers a range of fun and supportive learning activities for the children and youth of newcomer families.

Program highlights:

  • offered in partnership with numerous after-school programs located within elementary and junior high schools in Greater Edmonton
  • activities address important skills and topics to help youth transition into life in Greater Edmonton and Canada
  • activities promote inclusiveness, self-confidence, hands-on learning, language skills, healthy living, leadership skills and coping skills.

For after-school programs looking to partner with us, please contact Sherry Park,  Senior Program Manager Healthy Children & Youth.

Email: sherry.park@a4hc.ca | Tel: 780.944.4687, Ext. 227

The Learning Table

The Learning Table is an after-school program for newcomers who can benefit from extra support with their schoolwork. The program takes place in various schools and libraries.


  • improved academic and study skills
  • enhanced learning skills based on their learning style

The Learning Table also offers a reading club where youth can work on advancing their reading, writing, and listening skills in a positive and supportive environment.

Location and time:

  • Castle Downs Library, Thursdays, 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.
  • Clareview Library, Thursdays, 5:00 – 6:30 PM

For registration details, please contact: Basem Alrahim | basem.alrahim@a4hc.ca | Tel: (587) 985-2067

Youth Leadership

Youth CI is a practical program that helps youth to develop their life skills while leading community-based projects in Greater Edmonton. The program is offered to newcomer youth with limited experience in community development.

Duration: 12 to 15 weeks


  • initial training and workshops; this includes learning about topics such as Project Planning, Our Community, Marketing, Presentation, Budgeting, and more
  • development of a youth-led led community project
  • implementation of the project, and evaluation


  • youth are encouraged to care about their communities and learn about community development
  • a great opportunity for youth to develop leadership skills, expand their social networks, and experience a sense of community and belonging

Next intake date, program dates and location:

  • To be announced; details will be posted here when available.

For more information, please contact Basem Alrahim, Youth Life Skills Coordinator.

Email: basem.alrahim@a4hc.ca | Tel: 780.944.4687, Ext. 228

Youth Ready to Work

Youth Ready to Work provides employability skills training and employment support for newcomer youth, aged 14 to 24.

There are three main types of support:

  • one-on-one support
  • group sessions
  • essential workplace skills training

For registration details, please contact: Basem Alrahim | basem.alrahim@a4hc.ca | Tel: (587) 985-2067