AHC’s Employment Supports Program has three main areas of focus in addition to walk in supports provided in our Community Resource Hub:

Our Employment Supports team has expertise in facilitating information and knowledge sharing about Alberta employers and industry sectors, the Alberta job market, integration of newcomers into the Alberta workforce, certifications and credentials, job search techniques, career opportunities, employment trends, and much more.

AHC’s Employment Supports team works strategically to develop active partnerships and connections with a wide range stakeholders in the following groups:

  •  Employers, Industry organizations and other labour market stakeholders
  •  Community and grassroot groups/associations

AHC’s Core Partnership Commitment:

Our Employment Supports team members are always ready to meet with employers and other stakeholders to answer any questions about potential employees, explore workforce bridging, workforce exposure opportunities, or any other employment-related topics. Our employer partners play a vital role in employing newcomers and helping them to integrate into the workforce and society. 

Our strategic approaches when working with Employers and Industry include:

  • Labour Market Dialogues – We value the insight we gain from employers and industry about their experience hiring newcomers, and want to understand and learn from success stories and failures. We seek to better understand employers recruitment and retention needs and explore new ways to co-create opportunities to integrate newcomers into their organizations. We can offer insight into the benefits of a diverse, inclusive workplace, how to attract newcomer applicants, best practices for welcoming newcomers into your workforce, and share strategies for supporting language learning and literacy alongside on-the-job training.
  • Networking – hosting or co-hosting networking-style events where employers and newcomers can meet to learn more about each other and informally discuss future opportunities, and required training or qualifications for possible career paths
  • Workforce Exposure – exploring new ways to introduce newcomers to Canadian industries and employers to expand their awareness about workforce opportunities and on-the-ground realities of specific jobs
  • Workforce Bridging – working with employers and industry to identify areas where targeted training could facilitate entry of newcomers into the workforce or improve successful performance and retention of newcomers on the job; followed by co-creation of training programs to bridge identified gaps

 For more information, contact Andrea Streisel, Employment Program Lead

Email: andrea.streisel@a4hc.ca | 780.944.4687, Ext. 233 

AHC offers individual employment supports to* permanent residents and refugee claimants. 

*If you do not meet these eligibility requirements, you are welcome to access our Community Resource Hub and to enquire about group activities/programming.

Overall, our one-on-one supports are designed to help clients:

  •       build and maintain confidence
  •       increase understanding of the labour market, job postings and training opportunities
  •       develop workplace skills and improve English language skills
  •       overcome real and perceived barriers to accessing the job market
  •       maintain motivation and engagement in the job search and service plan processes
  •       consider and explore different career and training opportunities or alternatives

Employment Counsellors (ECs) work with job seeking clients using a three phase process:

  1. In an initial meeting, ECs will discuss the job seeker’s education and work experiences, foreign credentials/certifications, job/career goals and the current job market. ECs will support clients to self identify transferable skills and potential skill gaps that can be addressed by training.
  2. Following the initial skills assessment and information sharing, an EC will invite the client to co-create an Employment Action Plan (EAP). The EAP includes the client’s own inputs, including their self-identified needs and priorities, plus short- and long-term goals.
  3. Together, the EC and client can update the EAP as priorities or goals change over time. By using this client-centred approach, AHC is able to respond to client needs and adapt supports when needed, to better support the client’s journey to employment and labour market integration.

Also note that our team members are always willing to discuss self-employment and entrepreneurship with AHC clients. These topics can be reviewed during the initial meeting. Clients may also consider AHC’s Entrepreneurship Supports Program.

In addition to one-on-one sessions, our team members support clients by:

Our Employment Supports team encourages newcomers to participate in various group activities or programs. 

  • Job Club for newcomers with limited English skills
  • Building Careers that Fit for current Capital Region Housing customers
  • Workforce Participation Programs
  • Workforce Exposure Activities and Special Events


Job Club

This program is currently being updated- please check back later.

For more information about the Job Club, please contact Anane Dabala.

Email: anane.dabala@a4hc.ca | 780.944.4687, Ext. 233


Building Careers that Fit

A program for current Capital Region Housing (CRH) residents or subsidy clients interested in the building trades.

Stuart Olson is the builder of the Londonderry Project which will add 240 units to Capital Region Housing’s Affordable Housing Program. As part of their commitment to working with CRH toward an innovative solution for the social housing demand in our community, Stuart Olson and CRH have created a unique labour engagement initiative to be implemented on the Londonderry project.

Program Highlights:

  • Stuart Olson has committed to hiring a minimum of 5% of their workforce, for the Londonderry Construction project, from customers of Capital Region Housing.
  • Capital Region Housing has stated that any CRH resident employed on this project will not see their rent increase as a result of increased income for the duration of the project.


For more information, contact Andrea Streisel. Email: andrea.streisel@a4hc.ca | 780.944.4687, Ext. 233 or 780.235.3627


Workforce Participation Program

The program offers workplace, language and intercultural skills training for newcomers who live in Greater Edmonton. In this program, participants benefit by taking an essential skills assessment, becoming familiar with workplace documents, exploring Canadian workplace culture, and learning about workplace health and safety. 

This program meets select needs identified by employers, employment counsellors and clients for training that develops essential workplace skills and knowledge. New registration dates will be posted when available.

Workforce Participation Program Article 


Workforce Exposure Activities and Special Events

In addition to the examples listed above, AHC organizes employment focused activities. When a new activity or event is planned, it will be announced in our AHC Community Blog, e-news and on social media.

Ideal Workforce Exposure Story

For more information about future events, contact Zubair Ahmed.

Email: zubair.ahmed@a4hc.ca | 780.944.4687, Ext.233 or 780.987.0814

NOTICE- Due to ongoing restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Community Resource Hub is closed until further notice.

CLICK HERE for our latest COVID-19 updates. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


Our free, drop-in, self-serve Community Resource Hub offers a range of settlement and employment supports to community members.

All community members are welcome to access the resource room for supports, such as:

  • access to computers/internet
  • scanning and fax
  • limited document printing
  • finding information on settlement and integration topics
  • help with filling out online forms
  • information on upcoming employment events, activities and programs
  • job postings
  • access to free, online English training resources
  • job search assistance
  • help with cover letters and resume writing
  • assistance with career or education research

Community Resource Hub Hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Saturdays, Noon to 5:00 p.m.
  • Sundays and holidays: Closed.