The Healthy Active Community Kids (HACK) program aims at providing a safe and enriching environment for grades 1-6 to improve physical, social, emotional health, culinary arts and crafts, music, leadership skills, school engagement, etc.   to vulnerable elementary school children in west Edmonton schools. The program is designed to offer quality, child development, and fun-filled activities during the after-school time.

View our HACK Parent Handbook here. 

The program aims to provide a safe and enriching environment to improve physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness activities to vulnerable elementary school students. The program also includes outreach and support to parents/guardians in addressing needs at home that affect their children’s development, thus program staff and parents/guardians work in collaboration to deal with, or prevent, issues related to bullying, self-esteem, and nutrition. In this way, the program involves a system-based approach to the students’ well-being.

Main activities of this program have been developed and conducted around following themes:

Learning Themes:
1.Leadership Building
2.Community Development
3. Anti-Bullying
4. Self-awareness
5. Healthy Life Style
6. Mental Health
7. Compassion
8. Safety
9. Respect
10.Relationship Building
11. Multiculturalism
12.Conflict Resolution and Positive outlook


  • Free Play Stations
  • Team Building Activities
  • Physical Activities
  • Culinary Arts
  • Science
  • Music
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Mathematical/ Analytical skills
  • Language literacy
  • Songs/chants
  • Workshops by guest facilitators
    Once a month guest facilitator(s) perform(s) sessions on healthy living
    Fun filled camps take place during school holidays. Children will be cooking, learning new skills from variety of guest facilitators about healthy living, social-emotional development and community development etc.
    Sessions for parents
    A series of sessions on the requested topics from parents one per term. For example healthy living, positive parenting etc.
    Celebration of learning
    Parents, school management, children and staff will gather to celebrate the achievement of children throughout the term

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