The HACK program provides a safe and enriching environment for children in grades 1-6 after school weekly in 5 schools. The program offers free quality child development and fun-filled activities to improve children’s physical, social, and emotional health through teachings of culinary, crafts, music, physical games, social games, literacy, science, culture, math, engineering, technology and  so much more. HACK focuses the programs educational component around monthly learning themes which target and educate children on leadership, community development, anti-bullying, self-awareness, healthy life style, mental health, caring, safety, respect, relationships, multiculturalism and conflict resolution. The program also includes a free healthy snack and outreach/support to families of the children and the communities in which they live, to address the children’s developmental needs at home and offer resources for parents in a variety of areas.

Learning Themes

Learning themes are practiced on a monthly basis, our learning themes are; respect, healthy life style, caring, mental health, community development, leadership,  anti-bullying, multiculturalism, relationships, safety, self-awareness and conflict management.


Educational activities are practiced daily, our activities are; science, art, cooking, literacy, math, engineering, music, technology and physical activity.



Summer Camp

Events include parent social gatherings, year-end celebration events, the annual Mother’s Day tea party and more!

Every summer we host a summer camp which includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, guests and field trips!

Mothers Day
Summer Camp 1