On the 25th anniversary of Action for Healthy Communities, and in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Mental Health Support initiated in July 2020 is one of the concrete resources added to enhance AHC strategies towards our contributions to build a stronger and healthier society.

The goal of the targeted AHC Mental Health Support is to facilitate interventions to improve the comprehensive and holistic health of individuals and diverse communities experiencing vulnerabilities.


Supports Offered

Topics on demand: the one-on-one well-being coaching

This support will be offered through open discussion, info sessions, formal or informal activities; and when a client presents their needs, the therapist and the facilitator work collaboratively to find the best way to address the client’s needs in a timely manner.

This support can lead to formal clinical support delivered by the therapist as determined by the client’s presented needs.



*** A minimum of one week notice is required for each booking

Physical Activities

Yoga sessions, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation sessions: with the support of specialists, the sessions are offered to small groups who express the need

Video Resources

A series of videos, depending on clients’ needs with topics related to general health and wellness topics.

The Clinical Extension: formal individual support and group therapy

One-on-one or group therapy sessions facilitated by a mental health therapist.


For more information on our Mental Health Supports call: 780-887-3494 or email: joelle.kacou@a4hc.ca.