The Employment Supports team  works strategically to develop active partnerships and connections with a wide range of stakeholders in the following groups:

  • Employers, industry organizations, and other labour market stakeholders 
  • Community groups and grassroots organizations 

AHC’s Core Partnership Commitment: 


Our Employment Supports team is always ready to meet with employers and other stakeholders to answer any questions about potential employees, explore workforce bridging, workforce exposure opportunities, or any other employment-related topics. Our employer partners play a vital role in employing newcomers and helping them to integrate into the workforce and society. 


  • Workforce Participation Programs – We work with employers and industry to identify areas where targeted training could facilitate the entry of newcomers into the workforce, improve employee performance, and increase employee retention. This is facilitated by the co-creation of training programs with employers to bridge identified gaps. 
  • Workforce Exposure – The Employment Supports team is intent on exploring new ways to introduce newcomers to Canadian industries and employers to expand their awareness of workforce opportunities and the on-the-ground realities of specific jobs. 
  • Mock Interview Program- Through this program employers have the opportunity to interview newcomers interested in their sector. The program requires minimal commitment but can have a big impact on both employers and newcomers. This program will continue to run virtually until further notice. 
  • Networking – A major component of career development, we aim to provide as many networking opportunities as possible for our newcomers. These events allow employers and newcomers to learn more about each other and informally discuss future opportunities, required training or qualifications, and possible career paths. 
  • Projects and Labour Market Dialogues – We value the insight we gain from employers and industry about their experience hiring newcomers, and want to understand and learn from success stories and failures. We seek to better understand employers’ recruitment and retention needs and explore new ways to co-create opportunities to integrate newcomers into their organizations. We can offer insight into the benefits of a diverse, inclusive workplace, how to attract newcomer applicants, best practices for welcoming newcomers into your workforce, and share strategies for supporting language learning and literacy alongside on-the-job training. 


For more information contact Abdoulaye Barry, Program Manager- Strategic Workforce and Entrepreneurship  Development