The Second Annual Community Experience Sharing Forum

2023/11/08 10:30:00

About the Forum


Welcome to a forum that celebrates the power of togetherness, fostering inclusivity and progress as we embark on a journey to reshape Edmonton into a place where everyone feels at home. Step into the vibrant world of the Community Experience Sharing Forum – “Building Inclusive Communities: A Common Vision.” This gathering serves as a dedicated haven where community members and leaders unite to forge connections, exchange wisdom, and tackle a myriad of community issues, interests, and priorities.

Event location and time: Mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 8, 2023, as we converge at the Santa Maria Goretti Center in Edmonton, AB (11050 90 Street NW) from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm for this transformative event.

Purpose: Our core purpose is to illuminate the remarkable community development work undertaken by grassroots groups in Edmonton, focusing on their shared vision of cultivating inclusive communities. Beyond that, we strive to create networking opportunities for community leaders, encouraging the building of meaningful relationships and mutual learning.

Goal: Our goal for the day is to foster a strong sense of community, urging participants to share their experiences and forge valuable connections. We hope that every attendee will leave with a profound sense of inspiration, deeply connected to the extraordinary efforts of grassroots groups that are shaping Edmonton into a more vibrant, inclusive, and welcoming city for all. Those who join the event will gain invaluable insights from engaging presentations and activities. Hearing the stories and success of hardworking grassroots groups, everyone will have a newfound motivation to initiate projects that enhance the well-being of their respective communities.

Performances: There will be cultural performances during this event to keep things interesting and fun.

Participants: Anticipate the presence of approximately 30 grassroots community groups, alongside representatives from the community development sector and all three levels of government.

The heart of the forum lies in its presentations and panel discussions, with the following key topics facilitating learning and exploration for all:

  • Community Initiatives Impact Report Presentation
  • Keynote Speech on Equity and Social Inclusion
  • Community Experience Sharing Discussion by the Community members and practitioners on
    • Community Development Best Practices
    • Addressing Systemic Barriers.

Join us in the spirit of collaboration and idea-sharing as we weave together our efforts to create a more cohesive and inclusive Edmonton community.


About The Host: Action For Healthy Communities – Community Capacity Building

We embody the essence of community development, supporting and empowering newcomers in Edmonton and small centers across Alberta towards building an inclusive society with engaged individuals and communities. Our focus is on harnessing skills, knowledge, culture, and values to construct a robust and healthier society. Through community development approaches and processes, we collaborate with groups to identify their needs and assets, empowering them to achieve their priorities through community initiatives. If you wish to collaborate on a community initiative, reach out to us at

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