A Community Knowlege Sharing Forum

2022/10/06 11:30:00

About the Forum

Event location and time: This event is taking place on Thursday, October 6, 2022, at the Santa Maria Goretti Center (11050 90 Street NW, Edmonton, AB). The event will run from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Event type: This is a community forum, which means it is a space where community members and leaders can come together to make connections, share knowledge, learn from each other, and discuss community issues, interests, and priorities.

Purpose: The purpose of the forum is to showcase the vital community development work grassroots groups in Edmonton are doing and the vision of inclusive communities they are working towards. This forum will also create space for community leaders to network, build relationships, and learn from each other.

The Objective of the day: We hope participants will walk away from this forum feeling inspired by and connected to the work grassroots groups are doing behind the scenes to make Edmonton a more vibrant, welcoming, and inclusive place to live. We expect that participants will learn from the presentations and activities and will leave with ideas for how they might start new initiatives to improve the communities they identify with.

Participants: Most event attendees will be from approximately 30 grassroots community groups. There will also be representatives from the community development sector and all three levels of government.





The event will be facilitated by internationally recognized community development practitioners Dr. Michael Bopp and Dr. Judie Bopp from Four Worlds Center for Development Learning.



There will be two short performances during this event to keep things interesting and fun.


Action for Healthy Communities – Community Capacity Building

At Action for Healthy Communities, we work in the spirit of community development to support newcomers in Edmonton and small centers across Alberta towards the creation of an inclusive society with engaged individuals and communities who are committed to using their skills, knowledge, culture, and values to build a robust and healthier society. Using community development approaches and processes, we work with groups to identify their needs and assets and work together to build their capacity to achieve their priorities through community initiatives. If you would like to work together on a community initiative, please get in touch at communitydevelopment@a4hc.ca!

Featured Community Initiatives

Our project is to help our future generations of children, youth, young adults and older adults to learn more about the past, present and future of our traditions. It is important that our younger generation start learning now than never, as for our older generation later than never. The three main focuses are: The powwow dance/teachings, the Anishinaabe & Cree language and the significant arts and crafts of the indigenous culture.



The Newcomer English Language Class will be a method of community development and relationship building in the local newcomer community in Edmonton. The Newcomer English Language Class will increase English speaking confidence and competency for immigrant/newcomer women.






Scared Tribal Roots offers Yoga classes in the community to live a better life. Yoga is more than just binding our bodies to our minds to our spirits. When we practice yoga, we have the potential to form a deep and loving connection with people and anyone else that we meet on our journey. Our practice can be such a positive force in our personal lives and can be expanded to make a positive impact on our communities. Sacred Tribal Roots planned to give Yoga classes online every Friday evening. In winter, we introduced “Snow Yoga” on every Sunday.

MSE aims of having a Mexican pavilion at the Multicultural Winter Villages. Showcase and share our cultural heritage and traditions with Edmontonians. Share and represent Mexican heritage in Edmonton Create opportunities for entrepreneurs in the city that distribute Mexican goods or identify themselves as Mexicans, by creating the opportunity to showcase their products, increase revenue, and build a network. Facilitate a safe place for Mexicans in Edmonton to participate in activities that are linked to their identity.



Our Digital Literacy Initiative received an $1000 Seed Grant in 2010 from AHC. With that, we were able to pay the instructor for the entire course period. There were 20-25 students involved at that time, and 14 of them got retail jobs in Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, etc by enhancing their online skills. They learned how to use the computer, how to use google search, different websites, and how to apply online for jobs.



Our project on Mental Health has been supported by AHC with resources. Mental health is important to your general health. It is a priority. Mental well-being and self-care are not a luxury; it is a necessity. Do not let your mental health issues define you. As the saying goes, “tough times never last, but tough people do.” You do not have to struggle alone in silence, for your mental health is your health.




SCIC is a registered organization that is based in Edmonton. We are not mainly involved with Syrian community, we welcome all newcomers in Canada, and we aim to have a better and prosperous future for all participants. This initiative created a structured program for 40+ year-old Syrian Newcomers. The initiative provided a Stress-Relief activities and Workshops (SRAW). It runs three times throughout the year. The program lasted 10 weeks for the first wave.



ECWC has been very actively involved and engaged in serving the community and has organized many activities, including “Reading Club,” “Writing Experience Sharing,” “Research on Writing,” “Seminars on Chinese Traditional Culture,” “Multicultural Writing Forums,” “Intercultural Learning,” “Literature, Art and Science Salons,” etc. The proposed initiative will meet Chinese immigrants’ needs to have a cultural identity, build a sense of belonging, and inherit and promote Chinese culture.


The preventative approach is ultimately acknowledged as the best method to treat many diseases. The KESS program will integrate our available programs with workshops provided by specialists, including nutritionists, pharmacists, and doctors. These steps are recommended as the basic practice to prevent cognitive decline by American neurologist Dale Bredesen in his book “The End of Alzheimer’s Program.” CI aims to offer a 6 month-long project through information sessions, workshops, language learning, brain exercises, age-appropriate physical exercises, cooking class and field trips to local farmland.



The group is focused on providing various tools such as healthy lifestyle strategies and personal support skills such as positive self-esteem, empathy and active listening among the Somalian youth in Edmonton through different workshops and training programs. This project ‘Standing Tall – Empowerment through the Challenges of Racism’, will provide a safe space for youth between the ages of 12-18 to address lived experiences around racial differences as BIPOC individuals, particularly black first-generation Canadians – and explore their own individuality as part of a marginalized community.



• To improve the social and individual well-being of the members of the Nepalese minority immigrant community by specifically minimizing the COVID-19 pandemic-related and immigrant-related stressors through their involvement in music-making and performance activities

• To foster social cohesion and stimulate connectivity between youth, children, and adult members to reduce anxiety, uncertainty, and stress created due to the pandemic

• To pass on Nepalese culture and tradition to the younger generation of youth and children



The goal is to build connections between the women of our community, especially the newcomers. To empower and support each other by Bridging the generational gap and strengthening the community through health awareness. Invite influential teachers and leaders to provide better opportunities for personal growth.







POSTA is a significant supplement to our planned programming & outreach activities designed specifically for the elderly community members. By involving our youth in the newsletter aspect of the project, we hope to connect our youth (many of whom don’t have grandparents or other relatives in Edmonton) with our seniors who are often away from their children and a larger family network as well.






We believe in the effectiveness of art in fostering positive relationships, growth, and development in the community. Our group aims to host a two-day community multi-cultural art workshop where people will have the opportunity to learn about various types of visual and performance art.









We are an unregistered Non-profit organization. Seeking to provide youth leadership and community service programs to empower the youth of today for a better tomorrow. By providing mentorship and life skills coaching with sports and physical activities to develop leadership talents necessary to succeed in life despite their challenges. All youth can make the most out of their circumstances if they are given support, guidance and opportunities for growth.






CoMag is a seniors’ advocacy initiative established in 2017 by a group of Edmontonians. We aim to explore options for aging gracefully by connecting to resources, people & families, and supporting research about seniors and organizations in their efforts to provide programs, & services to seniors. Our community initiative focused on learning to be together, development of a sub-group of community leaders and champions, and understanding the current landscape for a systematic change issue & solution-based forum.