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On Saturday, December 15, 2018 AHC held its Annual Winter Celebration (Year-end celebration) event. This year the event saw more than 300 guests, including (volunteers, community partners, clients and their families) gather at the St. John’s Cultural Centre to recognize their efforts of our volunteers and community partners throughout the year, while also partaking in the festivities of the season.

This year’s theme centered around “surviving winter” and “embracing winter”. MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop) was present to talk about different strategies about how to embrace winter, including low-cost winter activities.  Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) to had all their winter play gear set-up with things like snowshoes and cross country ski boots and skis to try on. Kids were also able to take turns practicing their hockey skills, shooting balls in a net. The Alberta Motor Association set-up a display and table about winter driving. While some of our community partners such as the Syrian Heritage Association of Canada set-up a display to discuss their various initatvies in the community.

The program started at 2pm  with words of welcome from our City Councilor Scott McKeen and MLA David Shepherd. Our Executive Director, Aftab Khan presented a word of recognition for the efforts of our community partners and volunteers this year. Participants were invited to partake in a “winter clothing fashion haul” while being educated on appropriate winter wear.  In addition, there were performances by St. Joseph High School’s Improv Team, Sebastian Barrera (guitar and Spanish singing) and then Kaz Curtis from Hip Hop in the Park (with a demonstration/story about how people learn English through hip hop music).

Finally, volunteers and community partners were able to collect their certficates and take a picture with our Executive Director. In all, our celebration was a great success with a very high turnout, much engagement from the community and support from over 100+ volunteers and community partners.

View images from the event below

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