To help our communities get ready for AI, on Saturday, November 23, 2019, AHC held a community leadership training workshop on “The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on our Life”. The purpose of this leadership training workshop is to educate our community leaders as pioneers to recognize, acknowledge, and fully embrace how AI can transform the way we will live and work.

Sponsored by the City of Edmonton, in partnership with Alberta Artificial Intelligence Association, the workshop achieved a big success. Near 300 participants, including volunteers, AI demo presenters, and performers attended our event. We invited five professors from the University of Alberta and experts in the field to provide training to our audiences. The topics were very comprehensive and holistic, including mental health, physical health, economy, education, multimedia and business. Participants reported that it was a very knowledgeable, innovative and successful leadership workshop. The speakers provided a holistic picture of how AI would impact our lives in the near future. Participants also stated that through the workshop they have learned some basic knowledge about AI and raised their awareness of AI.  Meanwhile, they enjoyed the AI demos, performances, food, socializing and had a lot of fun as well. CBC Edmonton and Diversity Magazine came and covered the event. This is the first leadership training on AI awareness and readiness at the community level in Edmonton. We believe it will help Edmontonians adapt to the age of AI.

View images of the event below!

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