Our Social Media Fair leadership training event was held on Saturday, October 27th. The workshop had 70 participants with the workshop split into four sections:

1. Introduction to Social Media  (Community Hall) –  Tracy Folorunsho-Barry, President & CEO, GROW

2. Leadership Training Workshop: Digital & Social Media: Strategy & Tactics in Management- Tracy Folorunsho-Barry, President & CEO, GROW

3. Social Media Learning Workshop  (Computer Labs)- Mohamed Imthiyaz, President,Total Digital Way; Shruti Arora, Market Insights Analyst I, Marketing, Servus Credit Union

4. Social Media Showcase


After the introduction, we had five classes to help our clients learn social media including a leadership training workshop, computer-based social media learning class, mobile social media learning class, Chinese senior computer-based social media learning class, and Chinese senior mobile social media learning class

20 students from the University of Alberta provided one-on-one teaching for our senior participants. Participants enjoyed the training and food. They reported that the workshops and classes are knowledgeable and practical. The training helped them develop some basic knowledge and skills about social media. In particular, our Chinese senior learners (most of them are AHC’s Chinese senior English students) were very happy to open their social media accounts and learn social media. In all, participants stated that they learned a lot from our training and expected to have more social media training in the near future. View images from the workshop below.

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