Diane Umutoni is the face of Ms. Home Staging and Design. She’s a French speaker who first came to Quebec, Canada as a student completing her master in Economics at the university of Sherbrooke, to then find her way to Edmonton to become the owner of her own staging and design company where she offers services to both homeowners who are looking to sell their home and want to make their house look as appealing as possible to buyers, and to new homeowners who are in need of someone with knowledge to help them create a space that feels like home.

Diane participated in the entrepreneurship support program and completed level I and level ll of our training. During the program, she learned how to create a business plan and how to charge for her services, as well as what type of business she should implement and who her customers should be.

Design had always been a passion and a natural talent of hers which she was scared to pursue because she had no previous education on it. However, throughout our program she learned that experience mattered, and after helping her friends and family design their own homes, she had acquired enough of it to begin her entrepreneurship journey in this field.

Despite the challenges, and knowing she was entering an industry that is still relatively new yet very competitive and where it would require a lot of effort from her to persuade her potential customers that she could be trusted, as a new entrant, she never gave up. And now, after completion of the ESP program, she gained the confidence she was lacking, gained direction in life and was able to register her own business with all the paperwork that is required.

After now one year of her business being registered, she just finished designing her own website where her portfolio and information is more easily accessible to anyone interested in acquiring her services.

To know more about Diane’s work visit her website mshomestaging.com.

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