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In May, AHC hosted multiple introductory mental health events to support people of all backgrounds as they learned tools for self-exploration and emotional regulation. This included our “Art-Based Support – An Introduction” Workshop where people of many ages and cultures had the opportunity to explore their identity and emotional state through their creative endeavors. 


Some of the activities included participants designing drawings alongside their name that represented their identity before sharing the meaning with one another, and doing free drawings of lines that were meant to convey their emotional state before filling those lines in with objects they observed and sharing what they thought this meant. With each activity participants were able to engage in enriching conversation about their life experiences and perspectives through the art they created while making genuine connections through nurturing guidance of our experienced facilitator. 


There is no telling how far a little self-reflection and social connection can go, and we are so proud to provide opportunities like this for people to have mental health tools and open themselves up to the power of other mental health services. 


No matter how you are feeling and where you are in your mental health journey, please know AHC has space for you. 


If you want to explore of the mental health support provided by AHC click here 


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