Claudine Moyo started her connection with Action for Healthy Communities (AHC) when she was registered to attend the Entrepreneurship Supports Program Spring 2020 Level-1 class. At that time, she did an engagement plan showing her dream business and business goals after two years. Later she continued attending the Fall 2020 Level-2 Class.

Her business, which she was able to launch in August of 2019 is called Little Light Home Care Services. Her main reason for joining the program was to get a better understanding of how to run a successful business and have the privilege of having a mentor.

Little Light Homecare is part of a Global Home Health Care industry that offers services to seniors in and around Edmonton, and to those in need. Before the program, Little Light was just an idea but now it is fully operational. It is registered, licensed, has a website and can be found on different social media platforms, and most of all, it’s a business with clients.

“It has given me a new meaning to life and allowed me to work in a field I’m passionate about,” says Claudine. “I have built a legacy for my family and I strongly agree that I gained the confidence to grow, improve and expand my business.”

She learned and acquired the four business tools (Market Research, Marketing Plan, Business Feasibility, and Business Plan); and gained skills, options, aspirations, and motivations on business planning and launching. “I created my own business,” says Claudine, “and I improved my business skills and business operation”. Similarly, the Entrepreneurship support helped her to increase her business-to-business and business-to-customer portfolios.

Her business is now well established and she has received better mentoring support, with a plan to grow, expand and look to possibly offering franchise opportunities for others as well.

When Claudine was asked about her experience with the Entrepreneurship support she said, “I learned how to write a business plan, how to market my business and how to run and operate it. The instructor was very clear and patient with us and taught us to be patient with the process.” Phone: (780) 721-6945


Story by: Wubetu Biabeyin


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