Claudia Ramos, born in Mexico, is the owner of ‘La Granja Foods’, a company offering a range of different Mexican food products such as cheeses, sausages and pork products.

Having a business idea prepared, and previously selling her own products informally, Claudia’s assessment previous to entering the program indicated she had a good basic understanding of her business and so she was assigned into the level ll of our entrepreneurship support program, where she participated during the pandemic lockdown.

Claudia first moved to Alberta following her husband’s dream to live in Canada to provide a higher quality of life and brighter future to their children, and in the process she became a business owner herself.

At the beginning La Granja Foods was simply a distraction to keep herself busy while starting her life in Canada. She began using her family recipes to cook, and seeing the acceptance these had in her community’s environment she started selling her own food products. Although informally at first, after joining the ESP she was able to register her business and she’s now selling them in Latin stores around Edmonton.

Currently her main customers are mostly within the Latin American community. However, in the future she seeks to explore other markets as well to continue growing.

And if you’ve ever heard of ‘Los Molcajetes’, that’s Claudia too! She also runs a Mexican food stand where she sells different recipes at very affordable prices from Friday to Sunday.

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