To create a welcome and fun learning environment as well as to facilitate our students’ cultural understanding, on March 28, the Adult Literacy and Skills Develop program held an “Intercultural Learning – Celebrate Spring”. Partnering with Immigrant Community Alberta Network Association (ICAN), AHC’s 7 classes from English, computer and math courses joined the celebration. Around 100 people from different cultural background participated in the event. The program was very rich, including certificate ceremony, art performance, Spring celebration custom sharing from different cultures and food.

Over 20 students from English and computer classes obtained the completion of certificates. Among of them, around ten people from AHC’s senior English students. They felt very proud of themselves. At the beginning, when they joined the class, they knew very little English. After taking several terms of the classes, they can now hold simple English conversations. They feel more confident and very happy with the progress they have made.

Through sharing different cultural customs of celebrating Spring, students stated that they not only have learned English, but also learned different cultures which really enriched their life. At the celebration, seniors from both ICAN and AHC’s English classes did art performances. The performances included Chinese dance, music, martial arts and singing. In particular, AHC’s senior students sang English songs, which they prepared during their class! Volunteer teachers from the University of Alberta joined the class with their students together to sing the song. Everybody was very joyful.

In all, participants reported that this was a very successful event and a meaningful learning experience. They enjoyed all the programs, made networks and had a lot of fun together. 

View pictures from the event below.

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