Entrepreneur: Karem Velez

Growing up in Mexico, Karem Velez knew from an early age that the world is a very diverse place. Velez also understood that people are equal regardless of their colour, race, and place of origin. It was this understanding that inspired her to start her own company; an organization that aims to empower immigrant women.

The organization — named INCLUSIVE —, specializes in workforce development programs created to specifically help immigrant women succeed in the labour market. The organization provides the tools, strategies and support to help women achieve their goals without losing their cultural heritage by embracing a multicultural environment and developing their skills and abilities.

“My focus is to help them move from where they are to where they want to be,” Velez says.

Having seen the difficulties firsthand, Velez’s passion is to support the immigrant community to adapt and evolve. 

“As an immigrant, I understand and relate to the struggles that individuals and families encounter when starting a new life in a different country.”

Velez says the Business Supports Program (BSP) at Action for Healthy Communities (AHC) “was crucial in the physical manifestation of my dream.”

The program was adjusted to her individual needs and guided her through every step business start-ups required: incorporations, business operations etc. 

“The program provides a clear path full of knowledge and support,” Velez says. 

Currently, Velez is in the process of developing her website and social media platforms. For more information about INCLUSIVE contact Velez at vkaremllara@gmail.com 
For more information about the Business Supports Program email business.supports@a4hc.ca

Article by: Ishita Verma

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