Why do we consider language a barrier when we have the opportunity to learn it and make it a tool for us! AHC is pleased to offer in-person English Corner sessions starting from 21st July, Every Friday 6:00-7:30 pm at AHC’s main office 10578 113 St #100. 


The English Corner will be a vibrant and dynamic space that serves as a platform for exploring multiculturalism in Edmonton. Participants from diverse cultural backgrounds gather to learn and practice English while sharing their unique perspectives, food, and experiences. The class will be a melting pot of cultures, fostering understanding and appreciation for Canada’s rich multicultural fabric. 


Through lively discussions, interactive topics, and language exercises, participants will gain not only language proficiency but also a deeper understanding of different cultures, customs, and traditions. This collaborative environment promotes inclusivity, empathy, and cultural exchange, creating a sense of unity amidst diversity. 


If you are interested in learning more about this session, scan the QR code and register now! 


For more information contact hermella.haile@a4hc.ca

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