Anane Dabala is a member of AHC’s employment team and the designated training liaison between AHC and CLAC Training. In her role, she has seen the impact certifications, often referred to as safety tickets, have had on clients’ the employment team serves. Access to this training at AHC is made possible via a generous grant from the CLAC Foundation. Anane facilitates client registration in the safety ticket training opportunities provided by CLAC in courses like WHMIS, Food Safety training, Common Safety Orientation (CSO) and more. Before the employment team began its relationship with the CLAC Foundation, employers would ask for these tickets, and if clients did not have them, the hiring process was impacted. Still, now clients can access certificate training as a part of the employment counselling process, increasing their chances of landing a job. Clients with resumes that include relevant safety tickets can more easily apply for the jobs they want.

Because these safety tickets require client commitment, before contacting CLAC, Anane ensures that each client knows what specific safety ticket they want and has a clear goal fueling their interest in the ticket. By clarifying their needs, clients communicate to us that they are serious about the training process. 

Once they’ve completed their training, Anane follows up with clients in their job hunt. Since the beginning of 2022, Anane has connected 36 clients with CLAC training, 17 have successfully obtained employment, and the others confidently pursue their employment-related goals. Lately, Anane has observed a trend where clients are looking to get safety tickets to secure camp jobs in Northern Alberta. These camp jobs, often in housekeeping, kitchen work and general labour, provide good benefits and pay and enable clients to improve their quality of life, support their families in Canada and their home countries, and even save money for the future. 

With the support of the CLAC Foundation, Anane is helping more clients than ever and has significantly expanded her network. The quality and effectiveness of CLAC training have created word-of-mouth referrals to Anane from as far away as Victoria, B.C., though she can only support Alberta-based clients. Anane appreciates the CLAC Foundation’s support and says that the training they provide is integral to helping employment team clients secure jobs and support their families.