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The Connecting Us All Collaborative met for their first meeting of 2019 at AHC on Tuesday, January 15, 2019. The collaborative would like to mentor and support a youth planning committee to host a 1.5 day Anti-Racism Youth Forum targeted at newcomer youth bringing together 3 levels of government, service agencies, ethnocultural community organization leaders with youth to discuss challenges they face and work towards potential solutions to anti-racism in the  Edmonton Region. The partners in the Collaboration includes the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers, Action for Healthy Communities, The Sierra Leone Association of Alberta, and Multicultural Relations Office of the City of Edmonton.

The forum will take place in May or June 2019. The expected outcomes of this project are:

Ø  Share knowledge and learning about racism issues as they affect youth through panel presentations and community dialogue;

Ø  Learning about cultural and linguistic differences, diversity in places of origin, racism and discrimination experiences from youth who have lived it

Ø  Focus on collaborative and coordinated approaches listening to youth concerns about the various barriers in their lives

Ø  To plan, develop and recommend culturally and linguistically grounded initiatives that resonate with this population, and help address adaptation issues required

Ø  To build the capacity and confidence of youth to be able to provide a leadership role in initiating actions to address and solve racism issues

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