On Saturday, July 28th AHC held it’s 2nd Annual Community Talent Show. There were 278 attendees with a mosaic of music and cultural colors demonstrated by children, youth, adults and seniors. We had a line up at the Henna art table, the animal balloons table and the delicious food table donated by Safeway/ Sobeys and COBS bread.  Everyone one from staff, volunteers, participants and attendees were dancing and singing along.

The aim of this event was to strengthen integration between communities and show a sense of identity and belonging for people of all ages. Such activities play a very essential role in promoting sustainable social development for future generations that can act as a bridge between cultures and serve as key agents in promoting peace and intercultural understanding.

The following prizes were awarded for this event.


Gold  Solo: Neha Bharati   14 years old    $25.00 Safeway gift card with a Misc. gift bag

Silver Solo: Sohona Maiti   9 years old     $20.00 Safeway gift card with a Misc. gift bag

Bronze Solo: Jasmine Chikhani   9 years old  $15.00 Safeway gift card with a Misc. gift bag


Gold :  Nishat Das Choudhury 13 years old  $25.00 Cedar Sweets gift card with a Misc gift bag

Silver:  Neelabh Das Choudhury 7 years old $5.00 Tim Hortons with a Misc gift bag

Bronze: Malaz Alalo  10 years old                   Evening Purse with a gift bag



First:        Edmonton Qipao Club, Misc. gift bags to each person

Second:  GuruKul Napali, Misc. gift bag to each person

Third:      Persian/ Azzari group, Misc. gift bag to each person

View images from the event below

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