On Saturday, July 21st, the Business Program team held its Graduation ceremony to celebrate the achievements of the program participants who are enrolled in three different initiatives.  The event was well organized and attended by people from all walks of life including three MLAs,  a city councilor,  representative of various organizations, funders, partners and participants from three groups with their friends and families.

As part of the celebration, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to showcase their business through various booths/displays set up around the venue. Participants have eagerly and persistently dedicated the last 14+ weeks to take their business ideas to fruition, through the guidance of well-known and experienced facilitators, business consultants, and mentors. This event will serve as a celebration of the entrepreneur’s achievements and provide them the opportunity to showcase their products/services to the public.


The event was covered by StarMetro Media and CBC French!

This unique program is held in partnership with Communities United, Somali Canadian Women & Children Association (SCWCA) and numerous cultural communities and organizations, as part of a new initiative to strengthen the financial security and integration of immigrants and Albertans through self-employment.

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