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Like many other businesses within the food industry, Paraiso Tropical Latin Food Market is not immune to food waste.

“Food waste has always been a big problem in our store, because there’s a lot of confusion about what is actually consumable and what isn’t,” shares owner Jesus Gonzalez Rivas Jr.

“You have the expiry dates, the best before dates…a lot of the food that can still be consumed customers don’t wanna purchase ‘cause they think that they can’t eat it.

“So a lot of the time, we have been forced to just take those foods off the shelves when they’re completely edible.”

In the last two years, Gonzalez Rivas Jr. has tried to approach a couple of organizations in an effort to help Paraiso Tropical reduce its food waste, but due to logistical issues, a solution couldn’t quite be reached.

“A lot of customers always told us, ‘You know, you guys should donate your food,’” says Gonzalez Rivas Jr. “But at the time, it was hard to [find] organizations that could take our food.” READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

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