Earlier this October, AHC staff met with Canada Post to receive a generous grant of $20,000 (and a lovely plaque) from the Canada Post Community Foundation to support a significant initiative in Edmonton – AHC’s STEM-Literacy Club.

The after-school program provides a free and accessible space for marginalized children from low-income, indigenous, immigrant, refugee, and racialized backgrounds to learn more about STEM with engaging hands-on activities. This not only helps children from all backgrounds have more equitable exposure to STEM, it mitigates the likelihood of vulnerable children engaging in risky behaviors during the crucial period between the end of school and their parents return from work and none of this.

With Canada Post’s support, AHC plans to enhance the program by launching a STEM Literacy Club for new immigrant children. This initiative combines STEM and Literacy in weekly sessions, aiming to ignite interest, offer inclusive learning, and promote social integration and English language skills.

Thank you, Canada Post, for your interest in making a difference in the lives of children and youth!

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