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On July 29-31, 2022, AHC collaborated with Explore Edmonton to bring 19 entrepreneurs to the K-Days Urban Market at the Expo Centre. Some of the many small businesses the Business Supports program has supported over the years were exhibitors at the three-day event, which took place from noon-10 pm each day.

19 new immigrant entrepreneurs showcased their various products and services, including cultural clothing, artisan crafts, cultural food, handmade jewelry and more!

Through this collaboration, we aimed to: 

  1. To promote the economic prosperity of immigrants and Albertans: Through a 19 booth showcase, guests will have the opportunity to support various small businesses, with business owners having lived in Canada less than five years.  
  2. To showcase and acknowledge our new entrepreneurs’ achievements: Participants have eagerly and persistently dedicated the last 14+ weeks to taking their business ideas to fruition through the guidance of well-known and experienced facilitators, business consultants, and mentors. This event will celebrate the entrepreneur’s achievements and give them the opportunity to showcase their creativity, products/services to the public.

This is the second year AHC’s Business Supports program has collaborated with Explore Edmonton to bring its entrepreneurs as K-Day exhibitors, the first in 2019, with the aim to participate annually.

The list of featured exhibitors:

Roots of Colombia (FOOD)

Maram Vinegar (FOOD)

Dongocorp-Candelice (FOOD)

Mexi Salsas (FOOD)

Mexyavii Corporation (FOOD)

Silver Mines of Taxcos (JEWELRY)

Nepali Jewelry (JEWELRY)

Jean Wenceslas (JEWELRY)

Monarca Shop (JEWELRY)

Mexican soul Crafts and Gifts (CRAFTS)

El Rinconcito de Frida (CRAFTS)

Jorge Rizzi Arts (CRAFTS)

Ethnikutis (CRAFTS)

Asmeret’s Designs (CRAFTS)

Barbara IC (CRAFTS)

Quetelle Global Enterprises (CRAFTS)


Adoniaa Beauty (FASHION)

Dusandi & Sons Trading (FASHION)

View images from the K-DAYS Urban Market below!


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