On Thursday, August 16th, AHC held its 6th annual Diversity Health Fair. We were very honored to have MLA David Shepherd, Edmonton-Centre attend the fair,  behalf of Honorable MP Sarah Hoffman, who sent her regrets due to unforeseen circumstances.

Our Board Chair, Mr. Michael Beard, welcomed Mr. Shepherd and all the Alberta Health Exhibitors. As well, Vice Chair, Mr. Ahmad Dean Shaikh, and Director, Amanda Serra, had a chance to visit all the Exhibitors.  Our Settlement Manager, Ms. Suzana Dumo, Welcomed and thanked all the Health Service Providers and participants for presenting a fundamental part in the day’s event.

Rola Chehayeb, the Settlement and Integration Case Management Supervisor, started organizing this event, in April this year, to ensure that it was a success, bringing in, not only more service providers but a wide range of service providers who were first time participants at the health fair. The feedback was all positive from 300+ people of all ages, who had a meaningful and educational engagement.

We must really congratulate the Alberta Health Council and All health & wellness organizations for taking this opportunity to address some health issues that the diverse community has concerns about during this successful 6th Annual Diversity Health Fair. We extend our appreciation to Alberta Health Advisory Council and the Coordinator Maya Atallah’s and her assistance to facilitate some of the Health Service Vendors. As well, we congratulate the AHC team that helped organize the health fair this year for a job well done. The event was well organized, well attended and overall successful.

Important information about preventing chronic diseases, improving the nutritional content of meals especially for school lunches, screening for Diabetes, heart health, among other things were available to the community participants who had the opportunity to interact with the various Health Service booth holders to get answers to any questions they had. This event is a strong reminder of how important personal action is in preventing diseases. This initiative is just the beginning of the process towards addressing health concerns.

We would like to extend our appreciation to our community events supporters: Walmart, REmax, Arctic Chiller Water Company, Radio 88.5FM and Radio 1023now, Cedar Sweets, donations from community members and commitment to extend a hand at every event.

View images from the fair below.

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