What to Expect From the AHC Tax Clinic:

  1. Call or walk in to our office (10578-113 Street NW, Edmonton, AB) to book an appointment. You will receive a confirmation of email/text message or a booking card.


  1. Before your appointment, prepare documents and confirm personal information listed below:
  • Government Issued ID (Ex. Immigration documents, Driver’s license)
  • Direct Deposit information if you would to sign up to CRA
  • T- Slips: T4, T4E, T5, T5007, T4A, T4A(PA), T4A(OAS), T2202A. etc.
  • Receipts from Charitable donations, medical expenses, child care expenses, RRSP contributions.
  • If applicable, Disability tax credit certificate approved by the CRA
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Current Address


  1. If you have booked an appointment, be on time for your appointment and show you confirmation of booking to our front desk staff. If you have not booked an appointment, greet our front desk staff and let them know why you are here. Pending availability, they will confirm your walk-in appointment and provide you with a booking card.


  1. Our Intake Volunteers will assist by reviewing your document and filling out the your intake form.
  1. Once intake is completed, you will be invited to meet with our Tax Filing Volunteers. They will be help you to e-file your tax and benefit return before returning all your documents, including your tax report.


NOTE: AHC is not responsible for any errors/omissions or missing information. Once your income tax return being submitted to CRA, Please contact CRA directly at 1-800-959-8281 if you have any question regarding your tax (such as NOA, Benefit, etc.)