AHC uses innovative community development approaches and processes to build individual and community capacity. We strongly believe in a strengths-based approach, which:

  • recognizes and fosters the existing strengths and assets of individuals and communities; and
  • focuses on how to add to these strengths to overcome challenges.

All of our current programs and supports are aligned with community development and capacity building principles. In fact, several of our programs grew out of earlier capacity building initiatives.

AHC’s framework for community capacity building includes:

  • community mobilization and development through community initiatives and other common areas of interest of individuals and communities
  • capacity building through engagement, networking, volunteering, skills development and provision of responsive and outcome-based programs and supports

AHC works to build the capacity of individuals and communities in vital areas for their successful integration into society, such as:

  • language and literacy
  • skills development
  • integration into the workforce and entrepreneurship development
  • leadership training, to build individual capacity and community-based leadership


Some of the ways we engage with people to support, mobilize and build community capacity include:

  • community initiatives, including Seed Grants for community-based projects
  • community-building events/activities
  • providing community spaces at AHC
  • networking and volunteer development opportunities
  • supports for formal or informal community groups, towards better management and governance


AHC’s anti-racism Initiative took place throughout 2020. More than 15 ethnocultural community groups and local agencies including Queen Mary Park Community League, the City of Edmonton Neighborhood Coordination, North Edge Business Association, Habesha Community Centre, Indigenous groups, a local chapter of Black Lives Matter participated in the project and decided to work with their communities through the community building process. View the four Youtube video playlists that showcase the videos produced as an outcome of this initiative below.


AHC is proud to support the Empowering Girls project, a new initiative to empower racialized girls who are part of the black community in Greater Edmonton.


  • Empowering Girls is an 18-month project funded by Canadian Heritage to promote leadership development and community engagement of racialized girls to address the unique challenges they face. Participants must be 16 to 24 years-old.
  • Among other elements, the program encompasses personal and life skills development, connecting with mentors, a community project, and efforts to build public awareness.
  • Participants will also attend a series of workshops that support skills development and cultural competency, including positive self-image, presentation skills, and how to deal with prejudice.

In addition to youth participants, this project also needs volunteers and mentors. Mentors and volunteers must be female adults from the black community.

For mentors, approximately 30 hours of mentoring is expected; a small honorarium will be offered.

To register as an Empowering Girls participant, or to learn more, serve as a volunteer or apply to be a mentor, please email Ingabe Gashayija, Project Coordinator or click here.

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Email: ingabe.gashayija@a4hc.ca | Tel: 780.944.4687, Ext. 243 or 780-231-4070