On Saturday, December 17, 2022, AHC hosted its annual year-end celebration at the Northgate Lions Recreation Centre.

This multicultural event aims to share, promote, celebrate and educate others about diverse heritages and promote’s local business owners in the area. This family-friendly public event featured various fun interactive games, multicultural performances, immersive experiences, food and refreshments. MLA from Edmonton-Centre, David Shepherd joined us to share a holiday message.

As part of this event, participants visited various booths and answered trivia questions, highlighting the Belvedere and Balwin area with the historical cultural and economic diversity within residents, businesses and organizations. To build greater connections, sustainability will occur by creating a stronger foundation of information sharing with all residents and businesses. Communities supporting each other and standing together results in success in accessing services and unleashing the power of the community we live in.

Social interaction through gatherings such as this breaks down unfamiliarity, fear, and isolation and promotes social cohesion and peaceful coexistence amongst diverse community groups and host communities. This event is a platform for provoking meaningful connections to foster social transformation in individuals and communities.

AHC’s annual year-end celebration is one of several yearly multicultural gatherings which play an essential role in promoting sustainable social and economic development for future generations as youths, adults, and seniors.

View images from the event below.