Summer is a vibrant season that brings with it a plethora of exciting activities. AHC Small Centres is pleased to announce their summer activities in Leduc and Beaumont starting from July 17th. Following are the activity days offered by AHC:

  • Intro to Summer Programming: Arts & Crafts Day
  • Splash Away Day: Fun in the Sun
  • Cookie Decorating Day
  • Into the wild: Camp Day
  • Sports Day
  • Scavenger Hunt Day 

Kids (4 to 17 years old) immerse themselves in the joy of painting, drawing, and crafting then unleashing their inner child in some water fights. Followed by cookie decorating day where you can add colors to the brown cookies like summer adds colors to our lives. Onto our Sports Day for an afternoon of athletic competition. Then the Scavenger Hunt – put on some sunscreen and get your walking sticks! Join us on a scavenger hunt for the coolest plants and animals of our communities! 

Don’t forget our Into the Wild Camp day and experience camping-based activities for a wildly fun afternoon offering a thrilling escape to nature. These diverse activities make our summer an unforgettable season filled with creativity, delicious treats, outdoor sports and adventures, and endless joy.

JOIN US and let’s make SUMMER FUN!  To register call 780-235-1763 or email

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