AHC ELL Spring Credit School (1 high school credit):

AHC Spring Break Camp runs during the week-long spring break in March. The program is offered in partnership with Metro Continuing Education each year to support settlement and integration for newcomer high school youth. Newcomer youth participating in the spring break camp come from various high schools in Edmonton and the program offers great opportunities for the youth to interact and share their experience. The activities are designed around a high school curriculum course and students will earn high school credits for their high school diploma.

Location: Metro Continuing Education

Elementary/junior high school aged spring camp:

Each year, we run spring camps for Elementary/ Junior high school aged children and youth at various locations.

More information about the locations, programs and registration for this year will be coming around in February.

Registration starts in January.


Contact: Mustafa.zahid@a4hc.ca or 780-944-4687 ext.222

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