On May 25, Saturday, 2019, we held our first leadership training workshop for women with the topic – “Nurturing Women Leaders for Tomorrow’s Rapidly Changing Society”, sponsored by Community Standards & Neighbourhoods, City of Edmonton, the workshop achieved a great success. Over 40 people including volunteers and AHC’s staff participated in the training. Four successful women leaders from the government, non-profit organizations and companies were invited as guest speakers. The speakers were Jacqueline Foord, Branch Manager, Social Development, City of Edmonton; Cheryl Whiskeyjack, Executive Director, Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society; Lisa Standeven, Corporate Trainer & Leadership Coach; and Tracy Folorunsho – Barry, Founder/CEO of Grow Women Leaders Global Inc. and GROW Foundation. From different cultural background and aspects, our guest speakers shared their own experience and the challenges they were facing. They also provided knowledge about and insights insight into women leadership, strategies for improving leadership skills, and solutions to future challenges.

All the participants reported that they were very impressed by all the speakers’ lived experience, their strong responsibilities for society, hard work and persistence to achieve their goals and a big vision for the future. They stated that they have learnt a lot from the speakers as role models, have been made aware of future challenges in today’s fast-changing society and motivated to take the effort to overcome future difficulties. All of them enjoyed the training and felt empowered after participating in the workshop.

To increase community capacities, AHC holds leadership training for our communities quarterly. The theme of leadership training workshops in 2019 is “Nurturing Leadership Skills for Future Challenges” since we are living in the information era with the rapid development of technology. The following are the topics for our future training workshops:

September 25, Wednesday, 2019, 5:30 –  8:30 pm- Community Leadership: Mental Health Matters in the Future

October 30, Wednesday, 2019, 5:30 –  8:30 pm- Future Trends for Community Leaders: The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on our Life

View images from the event below!

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