AHC’s Employment Supports Program has three main areas of focus in addition to walk-in supports provided in our Community Resource Hub.

  • One-on-One Supports 
  • Workforce Participation Programs 
  • Workforce Exposure Events and Networking 
  • AHC Employment Projects


Our Employment Supports team can share knowledge and resources about Alberta employers and industries, the Alberta job market, workforce integration, educational credential assessment, job search techniques, career opportunities, employment trends, and much more. 

One-on-One Supports

AHC offers individual employment supports to *permanent residents and refugee claimants. 

*If you do not meet these eligibility requirements, you are welcome to access our Community Resource Hub and to inquire about group activities/programming.

One-on-One Supports are Designed to Help Clients: 

  • Build and maintain confidence 
  • Increase their understanding of the labour market, job postings, and training opportunities 
  • Develop workplace essential skills and improve English language skills 
  • Overcome barriers to accessing the job market 
  • Maintain motivation and engagement in the job search 
  • Consider and explore different career and training opportunities 

Employment Counsellors work with clients in a three-phase process

  1. In an initial meeting, ECs will discuss the job seeker’s education and work experiences, foreign credentials/certifications, job/career goals and the current job market. ECs will support clients to self identify transferable skills and potential skill gaps that can be addressed by training.
  2. Following the initial skills assessment and information sharing, an EC will invite the client to co-create an Employment Action Plan (EAP). The EAP includes the client’s own inputs, including their self-identified needs and priorities, plus short- and long-term goals.
  3. Together, the EC and client can update the EAP as priorities or goals change over time. By using this client-centred approach, AHC is able to respond to client needs and adapt supports when needed, to better support the client’s journey to employment and labour market integration.


Our team members are also open to discussing self-employment and entrepreneurship with clients. Clients may also consider contacting AHC’s Entrepreneurship Supports Program. 

To inquire about one-on-one supports, contact Andrea Streisel at: andrea.streisel@a4hc.ca or call 780-966-4687

Workforce Participation Programs (WPP)

WPPs offer targeted language, essential skills, and workplace culture training to support newcomer entry into specific industries. New programs are driven by labour market demand and relationships with employers and industry.

Find program information below. Please contact us to express interest in programs regardless of identified program scheduling, as programs may be offered more frequently based on interest. To express interest in a program and be added to a waitlist, contact Anane Dabala at anane.dabala@a4hc.ca or call 780-235-3580.


Licensed Security Guard 

Employment Outcomes: Security Guard, Asset Protection Officer, Loss Prevention Officer 

This program is offered year-round based on both employer and job seeker demand. 


  • No serious criminal record, outstanding criminal charges, or pending criminal investigation 
  • CLB 5+ with strong oral communication

Essential Skills for Construction

Employment Outcomes: Drywall Installer, Steel Stud Framer, Drywall Finisher 

This program is offered in the Spring of each year. 


  • CLB 4+ with strong oral communication 
  • Physically fit – can safely lift and carry 30Ibs 
  • Comfortable with heights – ladders, stilts, platform work
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Essential Skills for Customer Service (ES4CS) 

Employment Outcomes: Retail Sales Associate, Cashier, Stocking Associate, Store Stock Clerks 

This program is offered in the Spring and Summer but may be offered more frequently based on employer and job seeker demand 


  • CLB 4+ with strong oral communication 
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Essential Skills for Hospitality

Employment Outcomes: Dishwasher, Kitchen Helper, Banquet Attendant 

This program is offered in the Spring and Summer but may be offered more frequently based on employer and job seeker demand. 


  • CLB 3-5 and ready to work
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Essential Skills for Food Handling 

Employment Outcomes: Kitchen Porter, Prep Cook, Pantry Cook 

This program runs in the Summer but may be offered more frequently based on employer and job seeker demand. 


  • Completed WFWS or CLB 5+ 
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Tax Filing Professional 

Employment Outcomes: Taxpayer Services Agent, Payroll Administrator, Financial Administrator 

Recruitment for this program begins in January of each year, training takes place in February and volunteer work placement runs during tax season between March-May 


  • Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident with more than one year of residency 
  • CLB 7+ 
  • Strong computer/digital skills

Workforce Exposure Events and Networking  

The Employment Supports team creates unique events in partnership with local employers to expand newcomers’ awareness of regionally available employment opportunities. These networking events allow employers and newcomers to learn more about each other and informally discuss future opportunities, required training or qualifications, and possible career paths. An ongoing initiative is our Mock Interview Program. Through this program newcomers have the opportunity to practice their interview skills with employer partners representing various sectors. These interactions increase newcomer confidence in their abilities and open the door for future engagement with employers.

Past Events

Hands On Experience with Drywall and Painting (January 2020)

AHC worked with Ideal Contract Services Ltd. and the Alberta Wall and Ceiling Association (AWCA) to provide workforce exposure for the Interior Systems Mechanic Trade. Participants got to use power tools, try their hand at mudding and taping and even got to try cutting a line with a paint brush. This was a positive experience for everyone involved and led to the development of AHC’s ISM Start Workforce Participation Program.

Job Skills Rodeo

The Job Skills Rodeo was held at the English Language School One World One Center. The concept of the rodeo was to shift the focus from jobs to skills. Some of the highlights included Walmart hosting an activity where participants learned to create a display using a planogram, ABC Head Start sharing a recipe for playdough and supporting participants through the steps, a a sponsored PPE photo booth, and Capilano Trucking sending one of their driving Instructors with a Semi Trailer Truck who helped people climb into the driver’s seat and have a look under the hood.

AHC Employment Projects

Community Trainer

Open and recruiting 

The Community Trainer Program is an initiative created to support newcomers in entry-level roles seeking to advance their careers by developing communication, training, and leadership skills valued by employers. 

Participants will build new skills focused on supporting others, particularly newcomer workers, by developing workplace language and essential skills. Essentially the program is an elevated, modern Train the Trainer program focused on newcomer talent. Our network of Community Trainers will help employers make workplace training more accessible for newcomers and workplaces more welcoming to all workers.

Welder Assessment and Pathfinding

Open and recruiting

This pilot project is being offered in partnership with CLAC welding shop/CLAC Training in Edmonton to explore formal assessment and employment coaching for experienced welders who have immigrated to Canada. 

Newcomer Trades Project (partnership with AWES)


The Newcomer Trades project was a multi-jurisdictional project offered in Alberta, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. The program provided language, essential skills, workplace culture, safety and hands-on skills training with an interim work placement in a contextualized environment. The end goal was for participants to be ready and able to assimilate into a regular apprenticeship pathway.

AWES (Alberta Workforce Essential Skills) led the project, partnering with AHC to recruit and support individuals through the project. We continued to provide one-on-one employment supports to project participants after the project ended.

Client Resources

AHC Employment Supports Video Series – “Scams”

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