Ariana, owner and creator of Boomballons, and Laura and Margarita, the twins behind Twinscrafting unite forces to bring you creative solutions to the problems you didn’t know you had.

This winner team specializes in organizing and taking charge of everything (decorating-wise) in your party. Wether is a birthday party, a wedding, a baptism, a gender reveal, a Wednesday night celebration (because why not?) or a baby shower, these ladies have everything under the sleves to help you celebrate that special moment in your life.

Ariana and Laura, both now bestfriends, met just two weeks before the beginning of our Business Training Program while searching online for other mothers with Spanish-speaking children so their children could practice Spanish together. They then discovered they both had business ideas on the making, and therefore proceeded to take the training together.

Since both of their business are geared towards event planning and organization, on April 2021 they decided to form a partnership to offer more complete party packages to their clients, and with the chemistry and work ethic they posses they couldn’t ask for a better partnership.

During the training they were able to access a support network were they can always come back to in the future, as well as gained valuable business skills that they can put in practice while doing their craft.

And now, despite the challenges of being a Full-time entrepreneur with children, in a completely different country, Ariana and Claudia are now able to say that they are able to work on what they love and can call their business their full-time job .

…. and they will soon start to offer workshops to teach others how to create party decorations with the same style that they do

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