On Monday, October 1st – AHC attended the 3rd Annual Canadian Immigrant Fair at the Shaw Conference Center from 10-4pm. This event was hosted by the national online and print publication Canadian Immigrant – who also host similar events in several other Canadian cities. The event brought together over 200 immigrants seeking information on programs, employment information, and immigrant-related services from 17 exhibitors. The event included a resume clinic, a professional headshot photobooth, and a series of professional development sessions facilitated by guest speakers.

AHC promoted its settlement, integration, and employment supports, ECALA classes, LED program, youth club activities for immigrant youth, business development program, and volunteer opportunities. In addition, participants were able to obtain information on our upcoming programs including our upcoming Job Skills information sessions, English for Work – Workforce Participation Program, Social Media – Leadership Training Workshop, and our upcoming free flu shot clinic.

Overall, the event was well planned and attended, with the majority of the immigrants being bussed in from colleges and LINC programs throughout the city. Participants were brought in groups, guided by their instructors through each exhibitors booth. View images from the event below.

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