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Action for Healthy Communities (AHC) capped off another successful year with our 29th Annual General Meeting and Open House on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, in our Edmonton downtown office and AHC Event Centre. Our Open House gave onlookers a comprehensive and informative look at our programs, supports, and teams. For AHC members, the AGM was an opportunity to vote on key issues that impact the future of our organization.

We also unveiled our 2023-2024 annual report, giving our members a glimpse of how we served and engaged our participants and the communities.  During the 2023-2024 fiscal year, we are proud to have accomplished the following:

  • 19.635 clients/participants served in 2023-2024 fiscal year
  • 62 youth leaders and 1,287 participants in our Empowering Leadership in Youth Through Community Action (ELYCA)
  • 5,100 unique individuals using our one-on-one Settlement Services
  • 361 clients in our Rural Small Centres
  • 1,125 individuals in our Adult Literacy & Skill Development
  • 107 clients receiving their safety ticket through our Employment Supports team
  • 94 entrepreneurs served through our Entrepreneurship Support Program (ESP)
  • 85 one-on-one sessions delivered to community leaders

Our 2023-2024 annual report can be accessed through our Publication and Resource page.

During our AGM, we also welcomed three new members – Charles OlumuyiwaMoyela, Mohamed Negm, and Navneet Sekhon – to our AHC Board.

OlumuyiwaMoyela is a former business reporter, writer, and cross-functional team leader with a track record of leading communications and external relations teams in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East over the last 15 years. OlumuyiwaMoyela has a passion for youth education, leadership training, community, and entrepreneurship development, and brings his wealth of strategic communications experience, intercultural and non-profit sector knowledge, and perspectives to the AHC Board.

Also new to the board is Mohamed Negm. He is the President of Negmax Industrial Innovations, a leading company in robotics automation and industrial innovations. With over 15 years of experience, Mohamed has established himself as a serial entrepreneur, founding and successfully running several hardware automation companies. His extensive expertise in entrepreneurship and engineering has been instrumental in driving innovation and efficiency in the industrial sector.

Finally, AHC welcomes Navneet Sekhon to the board. She is a strategic, innovative, results-driven chartered human resource professional with extensive employee relations experience in a full range of functions, as well as success in simultaneously managing multiple projects. Navneet brings to AHC a wealth of knowledge in human resources and employee relations and is a certified Chartered Professional for Human Resources, SHRM Certified Professional, and a Registered Professional Recruiter.

We look forward to having our new board of directors join AHC. We are thankful for our ongoing relationships and continued support from our funders, partners, members, and stakeholders. Together we can continue to create stronger, healthier communities.

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