Settlement, Integration & Employment Supports

The Settlement, Integration and Employment Supports program seeks to reach recent immigrants, newcomers, and refugees in Edmonton and bridge the gaps they have experienced to settlement and integration in the city.



Our Settlement and Integration services supports newcomers to successfully transition into life in Canada.

Our Goal: To work with newcomers, community organizations and mainstream institutions to offer a holistic two way approach to address settlement and integration needs.

Our work with Newcomers:

We provide assistance to help newcomers:

  • Learn about their community,
  • Navigate access to mainstream and community services and resources,
  • Develop stronger connections in their new community in Canada, connect to new networks and support groups.

Services are delivered to newcomers using a model which facilitates the development of their skills and abilities to increase their capacity to seek out resources on their own, and to independently develop and pursue solutions to their needs.

Our Work with mainstream and community partners:

We work with local mainstream institutions and community organizations to collaboratively foster best practices for more inclusive and responsive engagement of newcomers in their services.


Settlement Supports

Through our comprehensive individual and family intake and needs assessment process, our Settlement Practitioners work with newcomers to establish a holistic picture of their situation and the needs of their families. After the assessments, staff and newcomers work together to develop a strategy to address identified needs. This may include:

  • Assistance with booking various important appointments such as medical, school and other service appointments,
  • Accompaniments to appointments at your children’s schools, your own school, health centres/clinics, others,
  • Assistance to fill out important forms and applications (e.g. for ID, health care, disability supports, other government forms etc.)
  • Facilitated and supported referrals to various services/resources in the community (e.g. mental health, drivers’ learners’ courses, child care, recreation and much more…)
  • Supportive counselling and advocacy to help you address personal or family needs
  • Translation of important personal and/or official documents.
  • Interpretation services during your appointments in schools, clinics, courts, other community agencies, mainstream institutions & all other government departments.
  • Support in dealing with complex health, personal, or family needs.
  • Home visits to provide counseling and supports to address various issues for newcomers facing mobility/transportation barriers.
  • Support in addressing basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.
  • Supports to find and maintain safe stable & clean homes; access income supports, disability supports/resources
Information and Orientation Sessions and Workshops for Newcomers

In tandem with our one-on-one supports, we provide group sessions to help newcomers learn about life in Canada including laws, rights, responsibilities and Canadian systems. These sessions address topics in areas of needs identified by clients. Some of the types of events and workshops include:

  • Health and Wellbeing: Men’s health, Women’s health, Children’s health
  • Using Edmonton transit
  • Getting your driver’s license
  • Cultural Celebrations
Supports for Newcomers’ Family Wellbeing – Family Dynamic Forums

The forums are opportunities for newcomers’ families to interact with peers and Canadian families to learn from their experiences, how to maintain healthy and strong family relationships/dynamics in Canada. The activity addresses many areas including the challenges of raising kids in Canada, coping with the changes in the roles of all family members after moving to Canada, Canadian norms around healthy family interactions and relationships within the family. Furthermore, newcomers learn about the important role of family members in the healthy development of children and youth, learn about how parents engage with their children’s school life and much more.

Settlement Leadership Training and Grassroots Community-Led Settlement Initiatives

This includes orientation, workshops and mentorship for volunteer grassroots community leaders to enhance their knowledge and skills working with newcomers in supporting them integrate. Leaders will receive coaching to initiate and run community-led settlement initiatives to engage newcomers in local settings.

Outreach and Community Connections
  • We deliver settlement supports through outreach in many community or neighborhood locations.
  • We partner and collaborate with community groups to facilitate opportunities to connect newcomers to cultural and faith communities; gender-based and other support groups, children and youth programs and much more.
  • Family Field trips
  • Work with established Canadians to form support groups to provide assistance to new arrivals.
Newcomers’ Volunteer Placements

Through volunteer orientations and training, newcomers will be connected to volunteer opportunities at AHC and in other mainstream community agencies. This activity will provide newcomers meaningful exposure to various workplace environments to help them gain awareness and hands-on experience about Canadian workplace culture. This will help newcomers to demonstrate in their resumes for job applications that they have exposure to Canadian workplace environments and have acquired some Canadian experience as result of the exposure.

Literacy and Essential Skills Classes for Newcomers – Practicing English and Computer Training

These classes are designed to teach computer skills alongside reinforcing English language learning. The Classes are designed to offer supports for language and computer skills development for Pre-CLB level to mid-level CLB newcomers. Newcomers will receive a total of 32 hours of both classroom instruction and individual self-learning with support from class facilitators.

Classes run during the following period:

  • May to July
  • September to November
  • January to March

Employment Supports
  • Pre-employment skills training, job search and job placement supports
  • Career counselling and Canadian labour market orientations
  • Employment Networking
Language Interpretation & Translation Services

AHC offers services in the following languages: English, French, Arabic, Amharic, Cantonese, Hindi, Kurdish, Mandarin, Nepali, Spanish, Swahili, Tigrinya, and others.

Community Connections & Networking Events


Diversity Health Fair

This event offers supportive opportunities for mainstream health care institutions and resource agencies to connect and interact with newcomers in an informal environment that is less intimidating for newcomers who have language and other barriers.

The event features a series of health education sessions on mental health, healthy living, seniors’ health, chronic illness, stress management and much more.Service providers educate newcomers about their resources, encourages them to engage in their services and provide more personalized assistance in specific areas of need. The event also offers opportunities for newcomers to build new networks and explore volunteer opportunities at participating agencies. Concurrently, program staff also produce and circulate to newcomers, simplified multicultural health resource guides that are translated into languages other than English and French.

Diversity Workplace Culture Fair

This event features five or more employers engaging in a series of workplace diversity discussions intended to foster a mutual understanding of how to collectively maintain an inclusive workplace environment. Employers provide orientation about workplace expectations and learn from newcomers about cultural values that may influence their interactions in the workplace setting. The fair also features job recruitment opportunities and various resources for skills development/training, career and education development.

Cultural Gatherings/Showcase

Events are hosted to offer networking and community development opportunities.

Contact/More Information
For more information on this program call: (780) 944-4687

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